• Celtic セルティック カシミヤ 手袋 100% 指なしタイプ 全3色 英国製 レディース
フィンガーレス手袋 フィンガーレス手袋 キャメル フィンガーレス手袋 ネイビー グレー


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製品名: カシミヤ フィンガーレス グローブ
商品説明: Crafted in pure cashmere for a generous helping of luxury, these gloves have been expertly knitted in a 200-year-old, family-run mill in Scotland. Designed to provide breathable protection against biting winds, these gloves feature chunky ribbing at the wrist for a snug fit and a fingerless construction for easy smartphone use. Styled with the coordinating beret and stole, this pair will be your best friend on icy days. But the featherlight nature of cashmere is welcome any time the temperatures are less than balmy. Made with 100% cashmere - Unquestionably one of the most expensive, luxurious fibres known to man, cashmere is made from carefully combed fleece with fibres that are six times finer than human hair. Well known to be a classic choice for wardrobe staples, cashmere has a strength and resilience that belies its lightweight, creamy feel. Care for it correctly and your cashmere investment will keep on paying off.
型番: cashmere-less
メーカー: Celtic&Co